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Aug 12, 2010

Mac bluetooth not available after power outage

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This morning I’m back to work after a wonderful vacation. Unfortunately my iMac wasn’t on board. Within 10 seconds of booting up, my bluetooth went out with the following message on the menu icon:

Bluetooth: Not Available

When visiting system preferences, I did not even have a Bluetooth preference with which to work with. I tried a few things I found on the ‘net with no luck. It was time for an AppleCare call.

Another thing to note is that my clocks were blinking when I returned home from my vacation. We had a power outage while away.

The tech was helpful as always and here is how things were fixed:

  • First I had to dig up a USB mouse and keyboard. This was surprisingly difficult. I did this before I called.
  • And did you know you can have Apple call you? I always do this with AppleCare so I can type some explanation before talking to them.
  • I rebooted my machine and pressed shift on the keyboard once the screen went black. This was to get to safe mode.
  • Upon booting into safe mode, bluetooth became functional: happy menu item, working wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • Rebooted as normal and bluetooth was working as expected.

This was 10 minutes ago and the tech was pretty confident the fix would be long term. He shared that this fix has worked for many people who have had problems with their Macs after power outages. Hopefully this post will help someone with just such a problem in the future.

Update I had more problems with my Bluetooth. Progressively getting worse to the point that two of every three mornings waking my Mac from sleep found it without Bluetooth. Called into Apple and got more troubleshooting advice:

  • Visit ~/Library/Preferences and delete all* files.
  • In Terminal, sudo su --
  • cd /var/root/Library/Preferences
  • mv blued.plist blued.plist.bak
  • Reboot and Bluetooth worked.
  • More cleaning. Delete all files from: ~/Library/Caches,Machintosh HD/Library/Caches

    , and

    Macintosh HD/System/Library/Caches


  • Reboot.
  • Empty trash (must wait until after reboot to empty the Caches stuff in the trash).

Hope this solves it!

Aug 08, 2007

John Carmack on constraints

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John Carmack, master of trial and error

(Credit to Esthr - some rights reserved)

In a recent issue of Games for Windows Magazine, John Carmack gets accused of pining for the “good ol’ days” of video game development.

Well, only in that at 36, I get to be the grumpy old man of the industry. Ten years ago, we were undisciplined prima donnas and auteurs. These days, the big leagues don’t afford that freedom. Even if he works his brains out every waking moment, there’s just no way one person can create a triple-A game on his own. Maybe that’s a sign for me. Maybe the more exciting work is in something besides the hypercompetitive first-person-shooter category. Working on a small project is where you’re the most innovative, as well as nimble and speedy in your responses and thinking.