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Jul 07, 2009

Announcing Hai to the Ku: Twitter, haiku and you

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As I was exploring Twitter outreach for my project, Scrawlers, I learned there is a significant population of folks writing haiku on Twitter. It makes sense; haiku is about the only legitimate art form that fits properly into a tweet. Six word stories are a fun diversion, but I grow tired of them rather quickly.

Haiku is not only about content, but also meter. As with any form of poetry, haiku begs to be read out loud and appreciated beyond a prosaic level. Haiku at its best is a short verse of music.

The usefulness of Twitter may be argued at length. It seems to me the ability to quickly publish and share haiku with anyone who wants to see it is pretty utilitarian. The presentational aspect of haiku on Twitter leaves a lot to be desired. This is where Hai to the Ku enters the picture.

Twitter, haiku and you: Hai to the Ku

Hai to the Ku grabs a large pile of the latest tweets tagged with “#haiku” and presents them to you in a slowly descending stream. Take a break from the daily grind to read melodic writings of the Twitter poets in residence.

Add your own voice to the stream. Haiku rules are a 3-line verse with 5-7-5 syllables. Haiku typically expresses feeling or mood and does not rhyme. Simply tweet "5 / 7 / 5 #haiku" and look for your poem in the stream.

Looking forward to seeing your writing at Hai to the Ku.

Nov 03, 2008

Filter unwanted tweets from your Twitter stream

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Ever find yourself annoyed by frequent talk of elections, memes and kitty-cats on Twitter? I have created a user script to apply to your Twitter Fluid instance or Firefox Greasemonkey install to enable regex whitelists and blacklists for filtering out tweets in your Twitter stream.

With this script installed, you will see whitelist and blacklist entry fields at the bottom of your sidebar:

The filter only applies to* URL’s, so you will always see the entirety of a user’s tweets when visiting her homepage or browsing elsewhere within Twitter. As long as cookies are retained, the filter will remember your selections. Change your selection and hit enter or click away from the field to see immediate updates to your Tweet filtering.

Go ahead and install it.

Oct 24, 2008

25+ celebrity Twitter users and their follow costs

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Mashable recently published a list of celebrities using Twitter. Before you go out and start following your favorite Stargate Atlantis star, it’s best you take a look at his follow cost.






The follow cost team

Oct 13, 2008

Announcing follow cost

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Sometimes you run into a Twitterer who you feel pressured to follow. All of your (Twitter) friends are following her. She apparently has a lot to say. But how much?

Now you can find out the answer to that question. Luke Francl and I have built follow cost to help you gauge the pain your next follow will inflict on you. Luke provides more details at the Rail Spikes blog.

Luke and I had a great experience working on follow cost over the past couple weekends. We hope you enjoy it!

Update: follow cost went viral.