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Has Bush Failed in Iraq?

I think “fail” may be a strong word. First, I don’t think anyone expected Iraq to be comparable to battle in Germany during a World War; a comparison some have tried to make. Also, I don’t think the war is over and the whole Mission Accomplished/“major combat has ended” riles people. That event certainly didn’t imply that more men and women would die each month. So maybe the war is going just how one should have expected it to go. Many believe it hasn’t gone how the Administration expected it to go and the Administration is kind of turning a blind eye to this and pretending they expected it to go on-and-on in the first place.

So I don’t know if “fail” is a good word. But there are definitely people who feel that the Administration has not oversaw the war very well and appears staunch and without a plan. If you don’t feel that way, then I’m guessing you won’t vote for Kerry. :) This opinion also varies depending on what each individual feels was the true justification for going to war (WMD’s, terrorist breeding ground, regime change, whatever).

When people hear this they get worried about negligence. Now maybe nothing is really happening here, but shouldn’t the administration’s response be more than “I don’t know?” And what of Bremer’s comments. Enough ex-military people have made the same comments to lend at least some credence to the idea that we did not have enough troops. Even Rumsfeld commented on this, backing off the next day, of course. Additionally there is the question of why no heads rolled when the intelligence was so wrong on WMD’s. There are mistakes that have been made; admit them and do something about them.