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I’ve simply never seen anything like Johan Santana. Sure there have been opposing pitchers that I’ve watched smoke the Twins. They are great, but on a day-to-day, or more correctly an every-five-day, basis I haven’t seen them play. I just would get a taste of them here or there when they started versus the Twins. And of course, I was cheering against them.

Now we have Johan. I didn’t witness Radke’s 12-game winning streak in the 90‘s due to my baseball boycott. I do remember Scott Erickson’s streak in ‘91. It was certainly a clinic, but I don’t think he was quite on the roll that Santana is now - who could be? Erickson did have a blistering ERA in May and June, but don’t look at his July and September numbers, please. Those mid-season numbers make Santana’s April and May stats look pretty good, especially considering he was coming off surgery.

Jim Perry had a great year in ‘70 and Viola was amazing in ‘88, but Santana will go down as having the greatest pitching season in Twins history. It’s impressive to realize that even more will be expected of him in ‘05.