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Sleep Apnea II

I visited with a sleep specialist today and have now been scheduled for a sleep study on January 5th in Austin, Minnesota. I’m hoping someone cancels in December and I get moved up as my insurance coverage is changing at the end of the year. It’s probably a matter of about $500 if the study happens this year or next, depending on what the solution to my problem is…assuming I have a problem.

The specialist was convinced that I was a candidate for the study. I really felt he was implying that I will be getting a CPAP machine when all is said and done. I’m hopeful that I’ll be getting one and that it will improve my day-to-day life and help to keep my blood pressure down in the future.

MeanE raised an interesting point that often in these situations the first recommendation is to lose weight. It’s been mentioned in passing as I went through the process, but the implication has been that I’m not overweight enough to make this the likely solution. Maybe weight loss, and I’m talking about 30 lbs, would get me half way there. Half way there may still result in me requiring a CPAP machine, though.

I’ve decided I will definitely be asking the question about weight loss as an option, perhaps even before entering the sleep study. If the specialist feels it would very likely resolve my problems, I will need to consider it as an option. My initial reaction is that at best it would get me 50% there and the study and resulting prescriptions will be worth it.