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The Wiener

I’ve always tended to vote Democrat, though I’ve voted for Republicans in the past. When the lines become blurred between the moderates on both sides, often times it is a toss up as to who is going to win out (with me) on the important issues. Usually the Republican will still discuss his/her religious ideals in the campaign materials, but it can be gauged how much those issues will actually be worked on by the representative. Often times the statements are “company line” and one can expect those folks to really focus on attainable issues that require qualified people. It seems to come down to who is most able to handle the law-making workload.

For instance, if Dick Day were a Democrat I still wouldn’t vote for him because he is way too involved in issues of the metro area. I’ve never heard of him working directly for his constituency on a local issue. Perhaps I don’t read enough about local politics.

On the other hand, I’ve really wanted the opportunity to vote for John McCain. I’m not saying it is a forgone conclusion that I would vote for him given the chance, but I’d love to see him in a race for President. However, after hearing a few chunks from his RNC speech last night, I have to say he sounds like a wiener when on the podium. That voice!

Of course, I’d never let this one superficial thing affect my vote. Though he also doesn’t have the CEO-hair we like in our Presidents. Hmmm…