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Lost in Translation

I watched Lost in Translation with my wife tonight. The movie is going to continue getting better and better with every viewing. Each time I see LiT I will be coming to it with more and more life experience and I am going to take new things away.

I am emotional after watching not only from this viewing but in anticipation of the unknown emotions I’ll feel next time I see the movie, if that’s possible. For instance, the first time I saw it, my daughter was not here yet. You can imagine all the emotions having a child will bring up each time I watch the film.

On top of the “two lost souls in a foreign land” aspect of the movie, which I’ve always maintained is the only real important part to analyze, there is also the very real connection I feel with the movie’s Japanese motif. This movie captures exactly what I was feeling when I visited Japan and China. Initially, I believed the portrayal I empathized with was the near-caricature picture painted of parts of the Japanese culture. I felt this was a proper depiction from the point-of-view intended.

Now it is simply the mood. A mood that, again, is really not related to the setting. That being said, the setting of the movie amplifies my reaction to it due to my own life experience. Though I didn’t have trouble sleeping since I had already adjusted in Korea before arriving in Japan, I had a major problem eating for the duration of the trip. I felt very lost and out-of-place being in a foreign country for as long as I was, even though I was with a group of peers. Strangely, the movie portrays the aching I felt in the pit of my stomach, though my hurt was from a different angle. It had to do with love, but on the upslope rather than the down. Yet somehow the ache I get from watching this movie is the same.

I highly recommended purchasing this movie and watching it every 6-8 months. I guarantee your reactions will change, likely ramping up with time.

Next week - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Oh boy. :|