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Update on Me

Our family has had a pretty busy time of it this past month. A parade of weddings saw us invited to couplings five times in the last four weekends. We made it to what we could and actually even had a good time at a few of the parties.

Daughter is starting to get a tooth. She is also learning a few things here and there. It’s pretty interesting, as I typed this she learned to turn her musical device in her crib on and off for the first time.

Work has picked up in October. Thankfully the Twins exited the playoffs quickly, which took the stress of trying to get to games out of the picture. I am now juggling a class schedule, Jesse’s work schedule, and work with any opportunities for personal entertainment.

The class schedule is in reference to a Fiction Creative Writing class I am taking at Riverland Community College here in Owatonna. The class has been a mixed bag so far. It is only one credit, thus low $$$‘s. It has achieved my minimum criterion for success, which was generating some sort of writing out of me.

The basic output of the course is a short story, and what I am working on looks to be pretty decent. The class is mostly 19-year-olds and they are patently uninterested in it. There is also very little background; just write! (The exclamation is not meant to imply this as a good thing)

With any luck the writing in this class will inspire me to participate in nanowrimo more so than in the past. I think I got out about 2,000 words last time. Not impressive.