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Which Side Are You On?

If character is the number one issue for you, then Kerry’s Vietnam stuff is definitely applicable. People are going to come down on both sides of the issue (it’s not like Kerry was the only veteran involved in that group). Some people have trouble with the character of the guy who wrote the “Unfit for Command” book. I can’t really argue with that.

For other people the top issue is Iraq. One side will agree with the argument that it has been botched and no clear plan has been defined and there is a lot of bad news from people who were involved. They are going to vote for Kerry. Some of them even claim after the debates they will actually vote for Kerry rather than against Bush. Probably because he uses the word “plan” a lot. :)

The other side will say that Kerry won’t be able to “win the peace” because of some of the things he’s said about the fact we’re even in Iraq. These people will also probably note the idea that we haven’t been attacked since 2001. They will vote for Bush.

Some people will feel that Bush brings too much strident Christianity and absolutism to the White House, whether this is actually true or not. These people, many of them Christians, will vote for Kerry.

Some people will vote on the abortion issue as they have since times immemorial. They will vote for Bush or Kerry depending on what side they are on.

Some people who lost jobs in the last 3-4 years will vote for Kerry.

Some people who are dirt poor will vote for Bush even though it appears Kerry is going to try to shift more of the burden to the rich. I’m calling this the “pride factor.”

And some people will vote for a candidate simply based on who their parents voted for. They will defend their arguments using statements made in campaign commercials. “Number one liberal”, “He has no plan to win the peace”, “Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time”, etc.

I encourage you to read this transcript. There isn’t a lot of attacking, except maybe a little in the Swift Boat discussion (just get through it).