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Wyoming and Me


Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving Owatonna at 4AM to catch a 7AM flight to Denver. I’m looking forward to a nap in Cheyenne tomorrow afternoon to prepare me for the long night.

The reason for the trip is to see Nate. A few weeks ago he mentioned his Caseous Company is doing their holiday sketch show and I should come out. Surprisingly the timing was appropriate and the cost was do-able. If you live in Minneapolis and have close friends or relatives in the Denver area, there are really no excuses for you not to visit them. Round trip flights to Denver are rarely greater than $200. Also, the flight is short enough that a long weekend is very appropriate.

Anyway, I am excited to go out and see Nate’s show, which was hilarious when I attended last year, and most of all see Nate. He will be moving on to either San Francisco, Florida, or Mankato (seriously!) next year, so I don’t really know what that means for our bi-annual visits in the future.

Other exciting things in my life?