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A New Home Theater Option

I’ve come up with a possible compromise on the home entertainment options. The projector we own should be able to produce an adequate picture for DVD sources since it displays 480p. Yet I’d still really like to have HDTV. Watching a couple movies over the weekend made me fairly confident that a 37“ HDTV is not going to be of sufficient size for my DVD watching sessions, however.

My new compromise would involve mounting a 32-37“ HDTV low on the wall, which would actually be a more comfortable viewing height for everyday use. The flat panel would be mounted low enough to allow for a projection to be shone on the wall above the screen.

The idea is that the wall would be painted a light grey (this would actually match our furniture) to allow for appropriate picture quality. I am currently researching a good paint formula as there is actually alot of practical experience on this type of thing out there on various forums. I would also probably like to purchase some heavy, stylish blackout curtains for the three windows in the room. There is also an entryway that could use a full-length curtain of the same style, on rails, to provide for complete blackout during daylight or dusk hours.

My thoughts on the projector are to build/buy a stand for it and probably mount the projector more-or-less permanently to the stand at an appropriate angle. The stand could be stored out of the way when not viewing movies. Watching a movie would involve bringing out the stand, connecting the long component video cables and connecting the power. It’d actually be quite a painless process.

The main costs involved with this scenario are:

We would have a 37“, 16x9 HDTV LCD flat panel television to watch HD content from our Charter DVR. I could see some video gaming also being done on this television. For most movies, we would have a 70-75” front projection system. The front projection system would cause the wall above the flat panel television to be bare at all times. Down the road I suspect the LCD would be moved to our bedroom and both it and the projector would be replace by a much larger LCD.