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Mac Mini Launches

I checked out these Apple Mini PC‘s at Amazon. What bags of shit!

Apparently buying one of these would be like shelling out $500-600 for a Pentium III machine without a monitor, keyboard or mouse. Seriously.

Certainly Apple will receive a bump in sales, but ultimately I can’t see how this won’t hurt them after buyers realize that bought a slow internet and word processing machine for $500 plus the cost of accessories. And then they realize they can’t even upgrade the RAM, and my understanding about OSX is that running it on 256MB of RAM is borderline insane.

It seems to me the real market for this would be with people like me. Well like me with a tad more money to spend. People like me who want to play with one of these just for fun. It’s hard to even call that a market; certainly not a market any company of considerable size should be targeting. I can buy a much more powerful Dell PC with a monitor, etc for the same price if I needed another stand alone system

The real news out of all this would have to be the iPod Shuffle. Time to hit yet another segment of the market. And sell yet another iPod to those that already own them.