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Bankruptcy Bill

It appears the blog-o-sphere is going gaga over the bankruptcy bill that has already passed the Senate, with the President dipping his quill in the ink preparing to sign. Bloggers from every colored state are banding together trying to incite enough calls to stop this bill in the House.

A taste of the justification:

If a person is forced into bankruptcy to stop wage garnishment for instance, and that person has a certain level of income, that person will be ordered to repay a portion of his debts over a period of 3 - 5 years. Well and good, if it was financial irresponsibility that brought him or her to that pass. But what if it was an ongoing circumstance like an illness, medical condition, or even worse, a child's illness? The likely result will be that such an individual or family will not be able to meet the repayment schedule and will lose his or her house. Is that fair? Is that what you want to happen? Will you enjoy supporting them on welfare when such a person has lost the car needed to get to work? It's going to happen.

Senator Coleman voted for the bill. Minnesotans are certainly proud of him. And it should surprise no one that the two esteemed Senators from South Dakota went along for the ride. Amazing what these parties can accomplish if they just work together toward a common goal!

I urge you to write your Representative. Congress.org makes it easy and downright habit forming.