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Billions Served: Norman Borlaug

I think I’ll call this a must read.

Who has saved more human lives than anyone else in history? Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970? Who still teaches at Texas A&M at the age of 86? The answer is Norman Borlaug.

Funny, I’ve never heard of him before.

Borlaug has been at the forefront of producing increased crop yields for decades. His foil is Greenpeace. Some in the organization feel it would be better to let starving people die rather than feed them genetically modified food. In the past they’ve even convinced African countries to refuse American food donations over concern of genetic enhancement.

He alludes to infrastructure as a means to move a country forward leaps and bounds on a couple occasions:

Supplying food to sub-Saharan African countries is made very complex because of a lack of infrastructure. For example, you bring fertilizer into a country like Ethiopia, and the cost of transporting the fertilizer up the mountain a few hundred miles to Addis Ababa doubles its cost. All through sub-Saharan Africa, the lack of roads is one of the biggest obstacles to development--and not just from the standpoint of moving agricultural inputs in and moving increased grain production to the cities.

Feel free to read more on this guy. Let me know if you find any decent articles.