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The Jetta has been purchased.

After looking online for Volkswagen Jetta GLS’s TDI’s (diesel) for the past month, I had finally given up. The car was so difficult to find. Once found, it would sell in one or two days. See, I wanted to replace my truck, and it would be a great fit to get a 45 mpg diesel with my wife commuting 37 miles one way to work twice a week. I was also marginally hopeful that our family of three could drive this the 3 hours one way back to our parents town relatively consistently.

Yes, I had given up. In looking for a vehicle to replace the truck, I was hoping for one of two needs to be met. Extreme efficiency or large cargo capacity. Our other car is a ‘99 Olds Intrigue, which we’ve found is slightly too small at times. We’re getting by, but we could see need down the road.

So off we went to meet Luke and go car shopping along I-394. Specifically we were going to look at the Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and possibly a Nissan Maxima or Honda Accord for good measure. We didn’t need a Suburban or anything, just a little more size.

First dealership; one OK looking, terribly beaten on used Outback under our belt, Luke swings us into Sears Imports promosing a “decent selection of used cars.” Sears is a Mercedes/BMW dealership, and I didn’t like my odds. Luckily Luke wasn’t slowing down to let me get a good look at any BMW’s.

Brakes slam. “Jetta TDI!”

I look. A year newer than I’d like, but less miles than I was planning on taking. Hmmm…

I drive. Smoother than expected. More solidly built than I expected. Nearly 100% loaded. Mmmm…

Needless to say, a couple drives later and my truck is long gone. The Jetta is purchased and we’ve loved it so far. Drove it home this weekend for Easter. It was a much more comfortable ride than our usual interstate jaunt. Very pleased.

And imagine our surprise when the trunk held nearly as much as the Olds Intrigue. Turns out taking more than three minutes to design a trunk pays off. Our initial reaction is that the trunk holds more, but I’m guessing under close scrutiny we’d be wrong. Oldsmobile very generously lists their trunk capacity at 16.7 cubic feet versus the Jetta sedan at 13.0 cubic feet. That’s a blatant lie.

I’m looking forward to the day when biodiesel is available in Owatonna for a reasonable price. For all I know it is right now. I would love to be 100% off the OPEC bandwagon. Too bad our president doesn’t agree.

Luke and I are discussing a Maxima/Jetta polishing and picture taking party. When this happens, more suitable pictures will be taken. Yessssssssssss.

Time to start shopping for new wheels and tires (it came with brand new winter ones). Also need an oil and fuel filter change. New floor mats???

Click through to see a few more pictures. I was hoping to alleviate the load time on the main page.

Front left Rear Driver's side