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Computing Hell

As if to tell me, “Don’t you dare build a media server,” every computer in my house is now in a various state of f’d up. I have an absolute black hole of computing in my house. The number of weird, unexplainable failures that have happened here in the last couple of years is ridiculous.

I felt my laptop wasn’t performing up to snuff. I decided to put Ubuntu linux on it. Then toward the end of downloading the operating system, I figured I would dual boot it to linux and Windows XP. First I installed XP Pro and was having some problems. Then I used my Toshiba recovery disc, figuring it would set up all my drivers correctly so the internal hardware could get up and running quickly. I’ve now tried to install from the recovery disc four times with zero luck.

In the meantime I’ve tried to burn Ubuntu and Knoppix linux distros approximately 10 times. I’ve tossed 6-7 CD’s and now I’m burning on CD-RW’s. I’ve tried two different burners, three different types of burning software and 3 different brands of media. No luck. My file server system, typically used for burning CD’s, will also no longer even erase CD-RW’s for rewriting. In addition, the two types of downloading software I could use to download the free versions of linux, Azureus (bit torrent) and eMule, spike my RAM and CPU to the max, ultimately crashing the machine. Oh, and that machine also has a couple pieces of major Internet Explorer hijacks I’m trying to root out.

My main desktop machine was recently formatted to marginal success. Better at least. Now some of the problems I had in the past are returning. Bother.

There is a breaking point, I think, where I would sell off all but my single computer and completely give up my hobby of messing with PC’s, networking, etc. I believe I’m approaching that point. It remains to be seen…