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Congress Formally OKs Bush Election

I haven’t been able to watch any of these yet. What I gathered from NPR reports was that the Democrats challenging Ohio were very clear that they weren’t challenging the legitimacy of the overall election of Bush, but they were standing up for constituents in certain districts that seemed to have to go to great lengths to have their votes count. What I gathered from NPR reports was that the Republicans kept whining about how the Democrats cannot just let it go. That they’ve “beaten the dead horse until there is no political skin left on the carcass.” I do wonder if the Democratic even-handedness wasn’t gathered by NPR after the debates whereas the Republican partisan response was taken from the debates themselves. This is why I’d like to watch some of the C-Span clips.

Back on point. How does the fact that the election winner is obviously a foregone conclusion really affect this debate? Why did those statements even enter into it? Now I’m not going to say that debates and reforms are necessary if even one voter is disenfranchised. Yet it does seem that many, many voters were put upon unduly in Ohio.

It shouldn’t matter if it could have changed which way Ohio swung. That really has nothing to do with it. If there were a similar situation in California, New York, or Wyoming, states that were won with heavy majorities, the issue still should have been brought up in congress. Voting is one of the most basic of rights and if congress can’t defend that, what can it do?

How long did it take you to vote? Took me under 5 minutes once I arrived at the site.

It is also interesting to note that one electoral vote didn’t go to John Kerry, but to John Edwards. In the 2000 election I believe a DC electoral voter abstained in protest of DC’s lack of legislative representation. I find these to events interesting because at some point it seems possible that the electoral votes for a couple candidates could be within 0-2 of each other. I wonder if these anomalies would happen in that tightly of a contested race? What would be the public reaction to them?