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Hibbing High School

After my softball game last night I had an interesting conversation with a teammate whose wife is from Hibbing, childhood home of Bob Dylan. To start things off, apparently his father-in-law was in the band Dylan formed in high school. The father-in-law has been quoted in a ton of documentaries, books, newspaper articles and magazines. So my teammate went up this past weekend for Dylan Days and their family was followed by documentary cameras pretty much all weekend.

And really, this isn’t the story to me. I was then told about Hibbing High School and its fairly amazing construction. This was a story I’d never heard before:

It was built to replace the old high school which had to be torn down because of the encroaching mining operations. Since the mining companies were responsible for the move, they provided about 95 percent of the cost.

I believe the whole city was moved for the mining companies. You’d think that the city should have paid for the entire move since obviously the mining companies would provide an economic windfall for the community. (Sorry, had to be done.) Furthermore:

The ceiling on the main floor and in the auditorium is all hand molded, an art now obsolete. The majority of it was done by Irish craftsmen. The auditorium, with its cut glass chandeliers ($15,00 each in 1920) from Czechoslovakia and Barton vaudeville organ (installed in 1923 and one of two left in the country), was designed after the old Capitol Theater of New York, now out of existence. The unique library contains statuary and the historical oil painting by Howard Lake, Minnesota, native David Workman depicting the journey iron ore makes to become steel.

I believe the school was built for $4 million, which would translate to $50 million today. From what I understand if you ever find yourself in the Hibbing area it should be a priority to attempt to get a tour. A few more pictures for you.