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iPod Video

I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer. The one thing that will protect me from buying an iPod is the Video’s screen size. If I’m going to watch video, I need something like this. I mean, look at that screen. Beautiful. (The reviews tend to disagree, and the video conversion “issue” below is still a possibility.)

I’ve owned an Archos Multimedia for a couple years now. The big sell with the Archos was the ability to offload a CF card onto the 20 GB hard drive. Great for vacations. Unfortunately shortly after buying the player I stopped going on substantial vacations. I used the feature a few times, but now my CF cards are large to the point of not having a need. I liked putting videos on the player for long drives on I-90 (serious). Unfortunately getting a video onto the player typically required a long translation process through software like Virtual Dub. AVI only - and not all AVI. 20 minute conversions meant no conversions. And of course the big thing is the Archos music navigation is vastly inferior to that of the iPod.

Maybe I should just consider an iPod for music and something else for video? Or maybe I should just build a Mac Mini into my Jetta and be done with it?