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August 21st marked the completion of my first year of blogging. It’s been an interesting year. There was an election that saw me quite sick of the lies, damn lies, and politicians. There was a winter that saw me reading other blogs, watching movies, and listening to music (and posting entirely too frequently). Then there was the spring/summer that brought the return of the Twins and lots of software problems.

I have to admit that I almost quit when the spammers and my webhost brought down the blog. The habit is pretty addicting, as all good habits are, and I have found that my posts tended toward linking and off-the-cuff comments. Maybe I could find a better use of my time?

Yet the original purpose for this blog was entirely self-serving. I wanted to write a bit, more at some times than others. I also wanted an archive (“journal” doesn’t seem quite the word) of my time, which would include interesting sites I’ve seen and stories I’ve read on the web. The best part is this puppy is searchable allowing me to go back in my browsing and thought history and find a reminder of what was.

Will this last another year? Probably. Will more, less, or anyone else read it? Oh, I don’t know. I guess it all depends on where the path leads and if the roadside attractions are interesting. Perhaps a few more will catch on. Maybe it will degrade into simply my browser history. Such is the way of an unfocused web log.