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Man on Fire

Just watched Man on Fire and I found myself quite surprised by the violence in the movie. Denzel Washington plays a bad-ass you can root for, which is a little different than his turn in Training Day.

One strange thing I found interesting in the movie was the technique used to display the subtitles that are necessary throughout. There was a lot of thought put into them and I’m not 100% sure how I liked them. I think I did.

Also, this movie makes use of the title cards at the end to explain what happened to a couple characters. I never really like this in a fictional movie. OK, it works in comedies sometimes, which kind of tells you something right there.

The film takes a little while to get rolling. It is effective despite this because some emotional connections are made between characters. Yet I did find the set-up long. Interestingly, it seems this movie could fit in to the mold of a super hero movie. There is a moment, within the context of the film, that Washington is no longer a normal man and gains (or regains) his “super powers.” Well, actually there are several moments one could point to along the way, but specifically one moment where things fully swing in my book. I don’t know, just kind of an alternate way to look at the story.