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Found this beautiful nugget in a recent Reason article:

What does it say about class differences in "culture and taste" when the lowest price ticket for the NASCAR Pocono 500 is $99.00 while the cheapest ticket for Tosca at the Met is $26.00?

I’ve decided I am racist against NASCAR fans. I mean, I have a few friends who love NASCAR, but they’re normal, you know. Beyond NASCAR they are pretty much just like me. They enjoy movies, some good and some bad. They like real sports and everything.

Yet when I see a garage with a big ol’ NASCAR poster I immediately understand that the residents of that home are just a little bit dumber than I am. Certainly I have a more solid education and my spare time activities are much more worthwhile. All these folks do is sweep their garage and build shelves while watching grown men drive cars in a circle.

And their clothing. In the spring, summer and fall they willingly wear jackets covered in Tide and ACDelco ads. Obviously in the winter the wardrobe changes to Polaris coats and hats; they’re not only for tandem snowmobiling anymore! The truly upwardly mobile NASCAR fans even have personal watercraft.

Yep, NASCAR fans are certainly in a class by themselves; a lower class. Well, except for my friends, of course.