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On to the Television

I think we’ve decided to go ahead with the previously outlined set-up. I sure hope that’s what we are going to do because I was within an eyelash of throwing the twerp in the car and truckin’ up to St. Louis Park to pick up a Syntax 37“ LCD TV for $1199 after rebate (more like $1300 after tax).

Ultimately I decided that the inconvenience of borrowing someone’s car (I have a loner Ford Focus right now) and being out of the house for 2 1/2 hours was not worth the savings of $50 over the buy.com price. (I’m also thinking of gas prices here.) In reality, I should have driven up to St. Louis Park in order to simply see the television. I tend to have a lot of faith in reviews and opinions. I’ve read a helluva a lot on this set and I’m destined to buy it without having ever seen the thing in person.

Tonight was spent reaffirming my decision. Of course, I ended up finding another television option. It would run me about $300 more, which amounts a 20%+ spending increase. This Westinghouse 37“ LCD TV supports the 1080p format, which means it supports 1920 x 1080 resolution. 1080p is the next step up in HDTV resolution. I believe HD DVD and BluRay will display in this format. It is actually quite ridiculous, relative to past prices, that a 37“ 1080p LCD TV is available for just over $1600.

On the other hand, based on the price point of current high-resolution 18-19“ computer monitors, 37” 1080i/720p displays should be about $800. What this says to me is that given a year that 37“ 1080p display is going to be more like $1000. And given another year I would hope a 42” 1080p display will be around $1000. Buying the Syntax now would seem to be the best choice in light of the feeling a TV purchased in 2005 will be in our bedroom come 2007 or 2008. Furthermore, do I really want a cheap-o brand 1080p early-adopter television to be my set for the next six years? Unlikely.

I like the removable speakers on the Westinghouse. I defintely prefer the overall look of the Syntax. I also would prefer a black bezel (Syntax) to a gray/silver bezel (Westinghouse). Based on feedback I’ve read, the actual screen in the Syntax seems to be less problematic. Based on feedback I’ve read, the Westinghouse looks ri-goddamn-diculous with a computer input right now, today. 1I’m guessing a few computer upgrades would be required for me to fully realize this video-nirvana, and that ain’t happening until sometime next year.

Based on my thoughts above, it appears as though my choice remains the same and the Syntax will be mine. I’m suspecting a buy.com order will placed tonight or tomorrow and the television will be waiting for me sometime after my return from Vegas. Through this whole thing it’s been nice to finally feel like I can somewhat discuss these HDTV formats with a chance at understanding what I’m saying. I had been out of the loop for quite a while.