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Small Time

We’ve hit 21 posts, which means it is time for me to pimp another bjhess.com blog, Small Time (a link can be found at the top of this blog as well). Small Time consists of micro stories, 100 words or less, of pretty much any format. Happy, sad, tragic. Black comedy to existential beatism. The stories may describe a scene, feeling, or thought. They are not always complete. They may be written in a flash or over a couple days.

Currently there are three writers involved: Nate Melcher, Tom Williamson, and myself. If you find it interesting, hey pass it on or put it on your blogroll. Our goal is to have a new entry there about every day, but realistically look for 3-5 per week.

Considering how young this experiment is, I’m pretty happy with our output. Several of the stories read almost like poetry; one can tell the words were chosen carefully. Of course, many of the stories are just plain entertaining. Some even read like a painting in that one fills in the blanks based on one’s own experiences. And finally I’m sure some just aren’t good. Oh well.

Please feel free to comment on the stories. Tell us if you liked or disliked the story or perhaps what your own feelings were when reading it. We are truly looking for feedback.