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Terroristic Threats

So I was reading a “crime recap” in the local paper a couple days ago. A man was yelling at his girlfriend out on the street. Making threats and what not. She gave it right back to him.

He leaves in his car and comes back with a three foot sword. He threatens her, saying something to the effect of “See this, it’ll shut you up before anyone knows the difference.” She yells right back.

He takes the sword to her car, drawing a big scratch in the door. She comes down to the street to yell at him. He ends up on top of her and chokes her for a while.

When the cops pick him up a couple blocks away he basically claims not to remember any of it, a subtle difference from flat out denying everything.

He is being charged with assault and all that stuff. In amongst the four counts against him was the charge for “making terroristic threats.” The newspaper breezed right by that, even sticking it in the middle of the list of charges.

Otter Tail County is telling me a terroristic threat is:

a threat to commit a crime of violence, bomb threats, or threatening someone when holding a gun

It also appears to be specifically related to domestic violence.

Does anyone know the history of this “terroristic threat” stuff? Is it a recent law or has it been around a while? Does it have anything to do with what we know as “terrorism?”