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The Quiet American

I just watched the movie The Quiet American, which came out in 2002 to little fanfare and of course one of the nearly annual Michael Caine acting nominations. It is a shame that the movie didn’t even make its money back since it is really a pretty interesting film. From what I’ve read, the movie was released too close to 9/11 and Mirimax put the lid on it because it was an anti-American film, which I suppose technically is true.

Essentially, it is a love triangle story set on the backdrop of Vietnam’s struggle for independence from France after WWII. This was a great advantage for this movie in my eyes because I know nothing about this time period in Vietnam, so even a taste was nice. Eventually, the movie brings into focus America’s early interest in the region.

Don’t run out to see it or anything. I was just surprised by it. I was disappointed when it arrived from Netflix. My queue must not have been updated recently and I was looking forward to something more “interesting.” Turns out the movie was pretty good.