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The Village

Here’s a movie I’m very happy to have waited to see. The Village is M. Night Shyamalan’s fourth major film and probably my second favorite of his movies. I enjoyed The Sixth Sense the first time. I was actually unhappy when I left Signs, but that’s a story for another day. Unbreakable remains my favorite of his movies. The movie just oozes style to me.

I think The Village is a very interesting concept. I think Shyamalan was probably laughing his way through the early parts, basically ripping himself ripping other people off with scenes taken straight out of Signs in terms of their attempt at effect. Long shots just waiting for a creature to walk across them…until finally one does. Ooooo…scary!

Yet I found myself laughing at times. Not long and hard, no, but just laughing at Shyamalan reusing this stuff early on. I mean it just had to be on purpose.

Everyone knew what was coming, and with the way Shyamalan treated it he obviously knew we knew. I don’t understand how one could not realize he knew we knew. And guess what, the most tense portion of the movie occurs once the movie “gets real.”

I’m approaching a gushing stage, and really that’s not where I want to go. I’m always bothered by over aggressive audio queues to let me know when to be scared and this movie was right up there with the worst of ‘em. Cymbals and bass drums can be used for other things.

Shyamalan tried to weave a pretty darn good love story in amongst the frights and he did a pretty decent job of it. Not ground breaking. Not an Oscar winner (though where was Ms. Howard?) by any means. Yet as the Q man says:

A movie doesn't have to do everything. A movie just has to do a couple of things. If it does those things well and gives you a cool night at the movies, an emotion, that's good enough, man.

(Clever side-note. Judy Greer plays Kitty in this movie. She also plays Kitty in Arrested Development.)