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Previously I posted about Jon Stewart’s blasting of CNN’s now missing show “Crossfire.” I don’t feel anything that was said was wrong, per se, but I just saw something that has helped me regain a little respect for Tucker Carlson. Maybe it just gives me hope for his future in the journalism field.

I caught an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. The panel was Tim Robbins, Tucker Carlson and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (earlier in the episode Jose Canseco was on - that was just too surreal to discuss). Perhaps unsurprisingly Tim Robbins came off as the most useless politically. I would venture to guess Bill Maher agreed with Tucker more than Tim Robbins. I like pointing out things like this when people provide Bill Maher as an example for extreme left liberals.

A discussion bubbled up about the revisionist history being created before our eyes. Doesn’t this usually happen several years after a war? Yet here we are. Maher was conceding the new history and he argued that if what we are being told was the reason for the war (liberating Iraqi’s) was actually the reasoning for the war, then the liberals should have likely been behind it. Robbins was confused by this and of course disagreed. Carlson, perhaps showing his true Libertarian colors, mentioned that he was against the war from the beginning, though he felt the only way to justify the war in his mind was to prove what the administration tried to prove initially: there was an imminent threat to the U.S. in Iraq. I thought he and Maher had a useful discussion on this point.

(edited for clarity)