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TV Now

For the past year I have been sitting on a web site development idea. It was to bring fans together with their favorite stars. A searchable database with star schedules provided by a central network schedule database and/or public updates by the “Internet community.” I could search for my favorite comedian, David Cross, and find out if he is going to guest on a talk show or, since he isn’t a high level star, maybe guest star on a sitcom or some other such show.

Eventually I would plan on developing e-mail notifications where a user could sign-up for notification of the next appearance by so-and-so. Perhaps even further down the line notifications of public (non-television) appearances could appear based on geography.

In the last week or so I had finally started looking at the project, trying to find appropriate technologies to implement as quickly as possible.

Well, there seems to already be a site doing the basics of this stuff. While far from a complete compendium (David Cross is there) it appears that my idea is probably not worth implementing. Feel free to convince me otherwise.