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American Gods

I just finished up Neil Gaiman’s American Gods this past weekend. A very interesting and expansive book. I highly recommend it.

It is a story about a man named Shadow who, upon leaving prison, ends up working for a man named Wednesday, the personification of the Norse god Odin. Shadow slowly gets drawn into the world of old gods who are dealing with being forgotten since the times they were brought to America with immigrants and slaves. There are new gods (think industrial and electronic revolutions) threatening to eliminate the old gods forever. And so the story goes…

The whole thing is experienced along with Shadow. It’s an expansive book and there appears to have been a great deal of research to build a base for the book to stand on. From what I can tell, Gaiman is going to use this base for a more familial story in Anansi Boys (think west African god Anansi‘s children).

I would love to start right in on Anansi Boys, but unfortunately I need to read some other things first. I will now enter the wonderful world of reading technical books in my free time.