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Biking and Carrying

I finally bit the bullet and rode my bike to work today for the first time. To be honest, the idea of riding the bike was not stopping me at all. It was the preparedness factor. Sure I was concerned about getting sweaty (it’s not that long of a ride), but mostly I was questioning what I would need to pack each morning. Well, I also like to sleep until the last possible moment each morning. That is probably my biggest hurdle. Sleeping in is not conducive to packing anything.

Packing became much easier when I received several test products from Banjo Brothers. For instance, this morning I used the expanding rack top bag to carry everything from my chapstick to my dress shoes. In all, Banjo Brothers sent me two expandable rack top bags, a saddlebag pannier, a small seat bag, and a mini seat bag. Over the summer I have used each of these bags for everything from a simple exercise ride with my cell phone in tow to a hardware store trip. Each bag is quite high quality and very practical.

So here is a public “Thank You” to Banjo Brothers. This Minnesota-based company provides very high quality products for cyclists with many varying needs. If you have considered using your bike for more than just exercise, I recommend you take a look at what Banjo Brothers has to offer.