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Blogging Frequency

You may have noticed that this blog is not being updated as frequently as in the past. Or you just don’t visit the blog anymore because of the lack of updates. In any case, blogging is taking a back seat to some other higher priority things in my life. I don’t think I’ll stop blogging because the original purpose of it was completely selfish. Since I don’t have any goals for educating readers or pushing out content, well, not having content is perfectly acceptable to me.

(In reality I have been doing a ton of blogging over the spring and summer. The blogging is for personal projects and it is all intended for archival and communication purposes rather than for public consumption.)

I’ve also attempted to drastically reduce my general ‘Net time, cutting my reading of other blogs by probably 75%. I now only actively read a couple Twins’ blogs. I read some technical blogs. I don’t read any news or political blogs anymore. I’m OK with being uninformed for the time being.

Yet this has still not freed all the time I would like to free. So I am in the midst of learning to become an early riser. It’s going well to this point. I am using the methods presented by Steve Pavlina, who from all indications is a very eccentric individual. (To get an idea, he also did a six-month self-study on polyphasic sleep.) At least in this case what he says makes sense. The result is that I work on my personal projects in the morning before work, go to work, and then the evening and night are discretionary time.