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Hooray for Florida

We’re off to Florida tomorrow morning. First flight with The Kid, so it should be more than interesting. I’m not particularly excited for it, but she’ll probably do OK.

We have tickets to Twins’ games on Saturday and Tuesday. I think both are televised, so look for us. I want to say we’ll be behind the plate on Tuesday, but I really can’t remember which game has us sitting there. Practices before the games should be fun - wonder if I’ll have the guts to talk to any of the coaches? Apparently they are very accessible throughout practice.

Other than that, we’ll make a trek to Sanibel Island, the Naples Zoo and the Everglades. My top goal on all of these excursions is to protect The Kid from being eaten. I’d imagine a sub-2-year-old would be mighty tantalizing to a ‘gator. I wonder if it would be best to run or to throw other toddlers at the ‘gator until it is sated?

You’ll be proud of me. I decided not to take my laptop on the trip. We have an overabundance of luggage the way it is and I just didn’t want to carry anything that required delicacy. I would have liked to post pictures and news from America’s wang, but, well, I’d also like to sit by the pool in 80-degree weather. What can I say?

So enjoy your stay up here in the North. Maybe I’ll see you next Friday.