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In Lieu of a Post

I don’t have much to say. The Twins have been sucking. Spring has already brought on a busy schedule. We are in the process of trying to pick out a deck/patio plan, swing set, bikes, and some other things. I’m dutifully ripping CD’s and DVD’s to my network server, but running into issues, natch. I need to revisit my plans for building a server shelf to house my computers in our basement and then I’ll need to buy the wood, tools, and hardware to actually build it. I’ve completely put off reading SICP, which is something I should start by the end of May,

Softball season is beginning soon. I’m not as typically excited for it. I’d like to do some biking and also start a habit of getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Good luck with that, right?

So generally, I feel bad for myself on occasion. I’m just so busy, right? This past weekend my friends held a memorial for the death of their daughter, who died in utero. It was a beautiful service and we were touched to be part of it. I hope the service reinforced for them how many people love them and were eager to meet Ana Elizabeth.

Events like this certainly put me in my place. Losing a child is abhorrent to me, and the idea crashed into my eyes and face as I contorted both trying to deny the very possibility. After the service I could no longer suppress the tears and I succumbed to the emotion of the day for a few minutes. I had a good cry and carried with me the rest of the day the exhaustion one feels with such an emotional release. That touch of weariness allowed me to take a quick peek through the keyhole of my friends’ personal loss to see how draining it must be for them internally. And yet I have no clue.