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In the Spirit of an Update

Hmmm…no posts in a while, huh?

The past few days I’ve been busy nerding out. This weekend I spent some time at an Unreal Tournament gaming day with a bunch of friends. It really was a good time and it is no different than participating in any other event with friends. Lots of back-and-forth discussion, taunting, etc. It’s actually a pretty social event and I’d say well over half the people there even play computer games more than once a week. Plus we played some poker in the downtime.

The Wife had her wisdom teeth out late last week and she came down with a bad case of dry socket. She claimed the pain surpassed any pain during her pregnancy, delivery and c-section. Of course, she had an epidural for the most difficult portions of that process, which certainly helped. In any case, she’s doing much better now.

After waiting three weeks I finally received my Xbox modchip and control panel faceplate yesterday and it is all installed as of last night. Took a little longer than I expected, but not that long when I really think about it. My buddy/neighbor did a mean soldering job and really helped out. I should be able to get XBMC installed tonight and my entire home networking project should really start going downhill from here. Maybe I’ll post some screenshots when I get a chance.

Other than that, we’re still trying to decide whether or not to go to baseball spring training in Ft. Myers, Florida. I now think we will likely go. We kind of want to take advantage of bringing The Kid on a trip before she hits the age of two. Free flight. We’re trying to decide if it is better to fly non-stop just under four hours or turn it into a six or seven hour total trip with a stop in the middle to let The Kid walk around. I tend to think the first choice is best, though it will require us to use our frequent flier miles to make the trip affordable since the flights are about $200 more per person. With proper planning we could have booked direct flights on Sun Country for only $60 more than the one-stop flights currently available if only we would have booked a month ago. Bother.