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Jason Mewes's Drug Addiction Journey

Over the past month I’ve been reading through Kevin Smith‘s account of Jason Mewes’s long bout with drug addiction. Smith has told the story before at speaking engagements - typically at colleges and universities. Recently one of his speaking engagement presentations of the story was taken out of context and passed around the gossip columns of the country. This really bothered Smith to the point where he chose to tell the entire story online in his blog. If you know Kevin Smith and his humor, you know that you should not read this story if you are offended by basically anything crass. You have been warned, this is rated R.

Prologue. Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX.

After reading about Mewes’ struggle, I’m struck by what a unique relationship Smith and Mewes have. Smith repeatedly used his growing financial security to try finding help for his close friend’s addictions. Smith opened his home to Mewes many times over the years and near as I can tell Mewes still lives with Smith, his wife, and his child. He is part of the family and Smith has become more of a father than friend to Mewes. In the story you can see that Smith changes from friendly addresses to Mewes to calling Mewes “the boy.” In context it feels like a father talking about his son. He may downplay it, but Smith appears to be a truly outstanding friend. And he tells a story that brings a life of drug addiction into clear focus.