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The Family and I are planning a long weekend in Milwaukee to check out the Twins in (potentially) outdoor action this May. I’m thinking I’ll just Priceline or Hotwire a hotel. Wondering if anyone out there has a good recommendation for the regions of the city to target? The targets available at Hotwire are downtown, Brookfield (west of downtown on I-94), Glendale (north of downtown on I-43), and airport (south of downtown on I-94).

I’m thinking downtown or Brookfield in terms of relation to Miller Park. The only other thing I know we’ll be doing (feel free to recommend in the comments) is going to the zoo and that appears to be real close to Brookfield. Obviously we’ll go down to the lake sometime, but I suspect downtown will be annoying in terms of parking and convenience, so an outlaying area will probably end up being best. Keep in mind there isn’t much value to us spending a ton on a hotel, besides location, unless April showers become May drizzle like the previous two years.

Incidentally, we have booked a trip to Ft. Myers, Florida, from March 10th through 16th. This will make two trips this year based around the Minnesota Twins. Nuts? Maybe. We’ll only be attending training camp twice while in Florida, so not too bad. The trip cost a bit more than I anticipated. We spent a good two hours rolling the trip through our minds in all sorts of iterations; trying to justify it.