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Parking at the New Twins Stadium

I’m concerned.

Spending a couple days in Milwaukee, I was reminded that the one thing that makes a sporting event an event is tailgating. We arrived in the parking lot 90 minutes before one game to down a few drinks. Yet here were all the people arriving after us, still pulling out the old grill and cooking up supper. And those that arrived long before us had ample spreads laid out on card and folding tables. Sometimes there were even tents to protect the food and fans from the elements. The whole parking lot was under a haze of grilled meat smoke.

Upon my return to the Minnesota, the home of 2010‘s newest stadium, I remembered a post on the Greet Machine blog that provided a picture of the area surrounding the stadium. I remembered a couple parking ramps, but no specific surface lots. And now I’m legitimately concerned.

Anyone out there know how much surface lot space will be available. Will all comers have the option of tailgating, as in Milwaukee? Or will tailgating space be at a premium (and at premium pricing)?