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Over the past couple months I’ve noticed a lot of baby talk at the blogs I frequent. An intriguing amount of fertility is going around, and I congratulate all on the good news.

Without further ado, I present Smidgen, The Kid’s future sibling.

[Here is where a photo of the Smidgen ultrasound belongs. Unfortunately my scanner appears to be dead.]

Now everyone knows. Smidgen is due to arrive in the middle of May. House preparations are in the early stages, work lists have been made and hopefully check marks are soon to follow.

Reality has not hit yet, and I don’t suspect it will until very near when Smidgen joins us. Everything with the first one, The Kid, was hyper real. The phases of Smidgen’s growth are identical to those of The Kid’s. Heck, the due date is only 10 days after The Kid’s birthday. With any luck, the second pregnancy will be a direct mirror of the first.

When we finally comprehend what it means for our family to be 33% larger, well, it should be interesting to witness the emotional dynamics.