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Weekend Notes

My parents visited this weekend after we all attended my little sister’s gymnastics meet in Welcome. We went to the newly opened Owatonna Pizza Ranch on Saturday. It was my second time in two days. The pizza is good, not great or crave-worthy, but respectable. The broasted chicken is excellent. I just generally like Pizza Ranch when I’m in the mood to overeat.

I consider myself lucky to live near a Pizza Ranch. It is a small town chain. A really small town chain. Owatonna has to be in the top five in the city size to Pizza Ranch relationship. That’s probably even including the tourist populations of Spirit Lake/Okoboji, Iowa, and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. If you’re ever in the mood to eat yourself into meat sweats…

My Dad and I watched a lot of beauteous football on the high def television. Naturally, “beauteous” isn’t entirely descriptive of the actual games. I couldn’t believe some of the bad football being played in the second round of the playoffs. I definitely couldn’t believe that said bad football was being played by the New England Patriots. Note to league: Don’t water-down football any more than you already have.

Oh, “beauteous” and “officiating” are no longer allowed in the same sentence when discussing the NFL.

I ordered some CPAP equipment for my REMstar Plus C-Flex machine. From my initial scrounging, CPAP-related stuff costs about 60% as much on the Internet as it does at traditional medical supply stores. I still think my initial purchase was probably more appropriate through the designated B&M locations, for insurance purposes, but the accessory purchases are a complete rip-off. Of course, there is always the risk that an air hose from The Internet wasn’t adequately tested resulting in The Wife finding me hanging from the ceiling fan when she awakes.