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What a Weekend

Friday The Family went to the Minnesota Children’s Museum and then visited some friends and their new son. It has been all downhill from there.

Saturday morning, The Kid woke us up to the sound of coughing/spewing in her crib. The Wife was about to leave for work and The Kid and I were to be sleeping. We got her cleaned up and she got to cuddle with me in our bed. We both went back to sleep.

Within an hour The Kid was back at it, hacking and harfing. So now we were awake for good and began the process of washing the vast number of clothes, sheets, and pillows that were infected with the spray. And of course The Kid needed a bath as well. Thankfully she seemed to be in good spirits the rest of the day.

So throughout Saturday I was afforded some time to wrap up my Network Access Server (NAS) that I’ve created to house all of our music, movies, photos, etc. It’s rounding into shape nicely. So I jump on the Xbox to watch some stuff and suddenly the basic AVI and MPG files quit playing correctly. So I spent the afternoon resolving this problem. Once resolved, the Xbox no longer output sound from DVD movies. All other sound and functionality was good to go.

So I set about resolving this sound issue. After much messing around I could no longer receive sound from any aspect of the Xbox. Troubleshooting after troubleshooting and I find, completely unrelated, the digital audio input of my receiver suddenly seemed to quit working. This excited me to no end.

This morning The Wife left for work saying that The Kid seemed a little warm in her room. Thirty minutes after The Wife left, the joyful sounds of horking emmitted from The Kid’s room once more. It sounded painful for sure.

Thankfully the splash zone was minimal this time. A quick clean-up was completed and a small load of laundry was started. The kid slept for a good, long time in bed with me.

We woke up for good and had some breakfast. I even decided to shower in the morning, which is a rarity on these weekends alone with The Kid. Things were looking up. I was even hoping my receiver decided it was overworked yesterday when it’s digital audio input quit working. There seemed to be a chance that it could work when I powered it up this morning.

About a month ago I received a replacement part for my HDTV’s video input panel. My HD picture had seemed very “staticy” relative to my expectations for the past couple months. I took the TV off the wall and replaced the inputs with the “new” component. The picture looked markedly worse. So in the end I rehoused the original part. Turns out it must not have been seated very well as the picture looked much, much better.

Turning on the system this morning, I immediately don’t hear any audio output from the Xbox. No dice there. Further, the HDTV’s “staticy” picture had returned. “Oh, this is just awesome,” I thought.

Then I caught a scent. I asked The Kid if she had dirtied her diaper. “No.” Indeed, there was a liquid mess all over the inside of her jeans. “Dripping” would be a good word for it. So off again to remove her coated clothing, apply gallons of bath water, and load up more clothes, sheets, etc in the washing machine.

Over this weekend my home entertainment system has taken a severe hit that could potentially involve me spending considerable time and money researching and purchasing a new A/V receiver as well as troubleshooting various software and hardware problems with my Xbox. The Wife and I have both been feeling the rumblings of a sickness transfer from The Kid. (Admittedly, my stomach gurglings could be the result of having a front-row seat to all of these events.) And worst of all, The Kid is sick and lethargic, though luckily in a decent mood considering.

April showers better bring those damn May flowers, because when it rains, it pours.


The Kid went through two more outfits this afternoon. And I just finished a carpet cleaning. Wow.