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Why Ring Tones

My cell phone went nuts on me. It appears that it thinks I have a headset inserted and it is routing all of the speaker and receiver sound away from the regular interface. You know, speaker by the ear, receiver by the mouth, phone bridging the gap. After numerous calls to Sprint, numerous phone resets, and a Sprint store attempt at cleaning the headset port out, I just decided I’d rather get a new phone than trek up to a Sprint service store in Lakeville.

So my new phone, LG PM-325, was purchased quickly since my phone number is our “local” number. Retroactively reading some reviews I’m not real confident in my choice. I liked the idea of a non-flip phone, but it sounds like this one may be slightly annoying. Of course, I’m not a power user so it likely doesn’t matter - and I likely could have saved $50 buying something more reasonable.

But my question. What is the deal with ring tones? I was browsing through stuff I could download onto the phone and I thought I’d look at the South Park sounds available. There was Cartman singing the German Dance song. That would seem excellent, though I wouldn’t pay a dime for it.

So I figure I can at least go in and preview the song. Seems the least I could do before paying, right? Not in the cards, I guess. Then I see that the song costs $2.50. Wowzah. Scroll down to find that the $2.50 one pays only gives one 90 days of pure Cartman satisfaction. WAHHHH?!?

And now I realize why the RIAA is so up-in-arms about the software that allows users to generate their own ringtones out of music they already own. Those prices are just ridiculous. But I imagine someone must be paying because, well, ringtones have been around for a while.

Call me nuts, but I just don’t get it.