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Changing Tabs in Safari

With the release of a new version of the Safari browser, I’ve decided to give the old girl a try again. I’ve been using Camino for the past month or two. The big culprit is that Firefox is unusable on OS X. The thing is just way too slow. Safari is super fast, but in the past it did not play nicely with online apps such as gmail.

One of the annoyances I’ve had with both Safari and Camino is the “next tab”/“previous tab” shortcut keys. For Camino, the default is cmd-opt-arrow. For Safari it is cmd-shift-arrow or cmd-shift-curly bracket (‘{’/‘}’). That’s just no good. So I went ahead and followed this hack, which describes beautifully how to modify the shortcut keys for navigating tabs.


After updating my Safari keys to cmd-arrow, I broke my keyboard. I use a Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000, which gives me non-Mac-fan-boy cred. This keyboard has convenient back-forward buttons built in for navigating web pages. Apparently these buttons are simply mapped to the keyboard shortcuts for the same activity. That keyboard shortcut? You guessed it, cmd-arrow.

Oh, bother, so it’s back to cmd-shift-arrow for me. What was I thinking? It’s really not that bad, anyway. :)

Update: Safari still doesn’t play nice with Gmail. Unfortunate, since I was really liking the new browser. Especially the inline find feature that made it very clear where search terms sit.