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Full Steam Ahead

Seth Godin at the 37signals blog:

If I had to close this thing with one message to the 37s reader who is reading at work when she should[n't] be reading, and who is busy blaming her boss for the low bar and lousy service and the Dilbert world she lives in, it would be this: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! If there's a problem, fix it. If your job can't be fixed, quit. How dare you waste your life in exchange for a paycheck. You have high speed internet access, bub, you've got no excuse. You don't live a hovel in Ghana. Go do it!! Pick up the phone and call someone.

This quote comes from someone with a blind spot. Godin may not appreciate the percentage of his, and anyone’s, success that is attributable to luck. His statements depict a snap decision that should work for everyone. Godin gives no context; no mention of the realities that surround the decisions one makes. There is a lot of work required to get oneself to the position where one can simply “Go do it.”

Problems aside, what Godin wrote is the most succinct description I’ve seen of the experience that led me to resign from my job two weeks ago. (And this article about passion is an equally appropriate long description.) There was a problem with my career. There was a problem with the organization. I tried to fix it, or begin the process of fixing it. I spent six months trying to fix it. Eventually I felt confident that “it” was not fixable and I needed to move on.

Starting tomorrow I will be making use of my high speed internet access, as I have been over the past weeks, to build my resume and get in touch with people who have projects I want to work on. E-mails are flying from my place to their’s, and I’ve even picked up the phone a couple times. The future is unknown, but I’m confident an opportunity will present itself and I will be able to resume my career, taking a path of my own choosing.

I’m thankful for the past 6 1/2 years at my previous job. I met many wonderful people - lifelong friends. The experiences, both good and bad, shaped me into the professional I am today. At no time in my life have I had a better idea of the stuff I’m comprised of.

As The Brother said the day I announced my resignation to my family, “Full steam ahead!”