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This blog’s been around for three years. Yay bjhess blog!

In that time the blog has morphed from my personal half-baked musings on sports and politics to numerous posts linking to interesting stuff I’ve read on the ‘Net to pictures of my family to discussion on how I can get back on the personal growth train. The past year has seen me reboot my career, recommit to learning, and refocus on what’s important in my life.

As the summer has progressed, this blog has featured my findings as I learn more and more about Ruby on Rails and general application development in the wild. On the in-between-days I’ll put up something more personal or fun. Perhaps this will lead to a schism of the two trains of thought: a personal blog and a business blog. I’m not sure, but right now that sounds like a lot of time I don’t have.

Thanks for reading, known and anonymous alike!