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MacBook Purchased

While Macworld saw the announcement of the iPhone with lots of things I need (widescreen video, MP3 player, photo viewer) and don’t need (email, web browsing, insufficient storage space, text messaging, Cingular, sure-to-be-spendy monthly fees), there was nothing of significance announced on the Mac PC front. Unless you consider Apple’s name change from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. a blotch on their PC record.

So I purchased a MacBook. I’ll be getting the white MacBook with 2.0 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I ended up buying from Mac Connection. The Wife gets an educational discount through Apple, but the sales tax killed the deal. My Mac Connection purchase also included both Parallels and a laptop case for free after rebate. There was a printer for free after rebate as well, but my research found that the printer was not even worth free. I have not yet decided on AppleCare. I’ll wait until later to make that call.

My original plan was to delay the purchase of the Mac until the first release of Scrawlers. That release point would be a good time to begin using an entirely new development environment. I would take a couple weeks to get reasonably familiar with the basics of OSX and my new development toolset, and then I would be on my way to improved productivity. The MacBook would also be a nice reward for a job well done, though I don’t feel the need for any additional motivation.

The upside to buying the MacBook today is that I can start getting familiar with it through my personal use of the application. I can begin browsing the web and other such nonsense to get accustomed to my new world. This introduces some downsides. I’m sure I’ll have to spend time learning how to connect the thing to the network, which could lead to lost productivity if OSX is not as easy as I imagine. I also will have a strong urge to start editing our home movies, and if iFilm is as fun to use as I hope it is, well, you can see where I could lose some time. And of course there is the inevitable urge to download a massive quantity of apps that look so cool on the Mac even if they are unnecessary (to me).

Ignoring the downsides, I ordered anyway. My choice was made and there was no better time. Let the conversion begin!