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More TextMate Dates for Your WordPress Blog

Previously I posted what amounts to a link post about how TextMate can be hacked to help you write blog entries for WordPress. I really did not take that post far enough. Once you have the TextMate environment set up, ala the TextMate wiki, then you need to get your timezone just right.

The TextMate blogging bundle has a built-in snippet for specifying the date (simply type “date” then the tab key). Unless you are in the GMT time zone, you’ll need to offset that date. For instance, currently in the central time zone I need to offset the date by -0500 hours.

Rather than type in that offset every time you include the date in your blog post, why not just update the snippet to do the work for you?

Blogging Date Snippet

With the TextMate blogging bundle, if you do not specify a date as you construct your post, it will default to the current date and time when you submit the post to your blog. The beauty is that the blogging bundle draws that date format from the snippet you updated above. So even posts with non-specific dates get set correctly for your timezone.