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My Dad's First Twins Game

Last week I was talking to my dad about his experiences as a young Twins fan. He lived way down in Southwest Minnesota, as he still does today, so the four hour drive to Minneapolis was none too frequent. Anyway, his first Twins game, in the middle of July, 1962, was rather exciting:

CLE A    0  0  0    0  0  2    0  1  0  -   3  6  1
MIN A   11  0  1    0  0  0    2  0  x  -  14 15  0

You are reading that correctly. The Twins scored 11 runs in the first inning. I know 11 runs is tied for the team record for runs scored in an inning. I imagine this is the only time the team scored 11 in the first inning. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the MLB record for most runs in the first inning by one team. I suspect it’s more than 11.

The inning was more interesting than just that:

If you read through the above carefully, you’ll notice that the Twins hit two grand slams, and three home runs, in that inning. The first slam was hit by Bob Allison. Allison’s slam was followed by a solo shot from Earl Battey.

The second grand slam of the game was one of Harmon Killebrew’s 48 home runs in 1962. The baseball Killer hit that day landed in my Dad’s left-field seat. See, my 12-year-old father forgot to bring his glove and he had to step out of the way of that ball.

Later that summer, my dad brought his glove to a game. Sitting down the left-field line, he caught a foul shot. It may not have been a Harmon home run ball, but it was certainly something.