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My Poor Sleeping Body

Turns out my tear duct is not the issue. I hit the eye doctor this morning and I have some damage to the lower part of my cornea. The likely cause is sleeping with my eyes a crack open combined with a deficient Bell’s reflex, which is the process of your eyes rolling back into your head while sleeping. This combination will expose the lower cornea to prolonged periods of dryness without the benefit of tears moisturizing the cornea through blinking or closed-eye movement.

So my body is politely moisturizing the hell out of my eye. Rather than allow this to continue naturally, I will be applying a prescribed steroidal-antibiotic ointment to my eye twice daily.

If this irritation persists over the long term, one “treatment” is to wear swimming goggles to bed for moisture retention. Understand I use a CPAP machine, meaning I already wear a mask and chin strap to bed. My dentist has recommended that I sleep with some sort of implement in my mouth to stop my habit of grinding my teeth in my sleep. The look I’m imaging is that of someone completely equipped to live out a happy life in Waterworld.

The Wife said, “You’re lucky you’re already married.” I have to agree. :) I’ve been generally healthy in my waking life, or at least I believed this to be true. Maybe I need to reconsider the treatment of my body since it appears to be undergoing a Navy-Seals-like series of covert operations to inform me of my disrespect.

I’m sorry, body. Truly sorry.