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Of Scrawlers and Startup School

Scrawlers has been online nearly two weeks now and I think it’s been an ALHPA success. There are some excellent stories and some excellent notes from the past thirteen days. Five or six people are regularly contributing stories so far. Thanks to you!

As I suspected when we decided to expose Scrawlers at such an early stage, the community is providing excellent feedback on what is right and what is wrong with the site. We have a multitude of features and enhancements in line, but naturally each of those tasks will take time to address. We’ll move Scrawlers to Beta this summer and start making a more concerted push to draw more authors and readers. Remember, if you want to learn a little about writing, keep up at The Scrawl Blog.

Over the last ten days I have started working with the good people at Iridesco. Shawn Liu and Danny Wen have been excellent people to work with. I’m thankful to them for taking a bit of a flier on me, what with my limited experience doing true public web development. It’s been a blast doing work that interests me to the point of addiction. Learning is the name of the game, and Iridesco has provided me with a great opportunity to expand my horizons. Not to mention, they have some sweet things cooking on the product side.

I will be leaving for The Valley and Startup School tonight. Actually, the best part of this trip will be hanging out with my brother and his family. Stopping by his workplace on Friday, Startup School all day Saturday, and a little more family time before coming back on Sunday. Sounds like a nice little trip!